Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines

Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines. As everybody wants to look smart and fit, for this purpose they are trying to improve body tone and weight loss.

The whole body vibration machine is a device that will give you the perfect result in achieving this goal.

This machine is joint-friendly, it will not put stress on your joints. Many peoples have fats and belly fats which result in weight gain, this device can reduce these fats from your body.

This machine is the perfect choice for reducing cortisol levels. Once your cortisol level reduced your weight will also gradually decreases.

People who are suffering from blood pressure problems should try a whole-body vibration device because it increases blood flow. Moreover, this machine not only improves nutrients in your body but also makes your muscles stronger.

8 Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines

Product ImageHurtle Fitness VibrationCheck Price
Product ImageLifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate MachineCheck Price
Product ImageBest Choice ProductsCheck Price
Product ImageTODO Vibration PlatformCheck Price
Product ImageIDEER LIFE Vibration PlatformCheck Price
Product ImageZ ZELUS 3D Fitness Whole BodyCheck Price
Product ImageFITPULSE Classic Vibration PlateCheck Price

1. Hurtle fitness vibration platform workout machine

consumer reports whole body vibration machines

Hurtle whole body vibration machine comes with a revolutionary design for fitness.

This vibration machine is ideal for those sports training in which you use whole your body.

This machine itself is silent but when you attach the bands they vibrate against the connector.

The thing that you may like about this machine is its 3D oscillating motion technology.

With this 3 dimensional technology you can move your body back, forth, up, and down. Comes with several benefits including flexibility and enhanced bone density

You can train yourself at your home with this vibration machine, no need to go to the gyms. Easy to use, you just have to simply plug in to start the operation.

It also stimulates your muscles while training. To increase your muscle strength practice vibration exercises two times per week on this unit.

This machine will also help you in reducing trunk fats which are harmful to your body and causes heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and high cholesterol. Moreover, this machine will also offer a vibration speed of 2300+ RPM.

This vibration machine builds muscles and burns fats which results in weight loss.

Moreover, it will boost metabolism and will improve circulation which means this device offers numerous benefits for your health.

This WBV machine is also a lab-tested device. This machine will also help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For the ease and comfort of users, this machine has detachable resistance bands.

 This model has a larger vibrating platform with standing bars. It is bulky, versatile, and affordable.


  • Loss weight and burn fat
  • Dynamic oscillating motion technology
  • Lab tested exercise machine


  • Bulky, not easy to move

2. Bluefin fitness vibration platform

bluefin fitness vibration platform

This WBV platform is one of the ultra-powerful units for removing more fats. This unit offers a speed of 180 range.

It is also equipped with a silent drive motor. The interesting feature that you may like in this machine is that it has built-in speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music during a workout.

Like other vibration machines, this unit also provides benefits as it helps in weight loss and muscle toning. This vibration machine can also reduce stubborn fats and help you in reducing muscle mass.

The built-in speakers with this unit can also be connectable to various devices by using an aux cable. Another important feature is adjustable resistance cords, these cords are connected to the steel base to enhance your workout.

The vibration of this machine is very useful to force the abdomen. It makes the back and pelvis muscles stronger to work harder. This device is ideal for athletes who wants to make their physical activities easier.

This whole-body vibration machine also uses cutting-edge vibration technology. This technology offers 180 levels of intensity which is the perfect thing for beginners.

To make your workout easy and perfect this device has ten automatic programs. Easy to assemble and its portability provide great comfort in using this unit at your own home.

You can use this machine anywhere or at the home, office, etc. Comes with all the accessories from exercise cords to the instruction manual.


  • Silent drive motor
  • Drop body fat and buid muscle
  • Built-in speakers


  • Some of parts wearied out during vibration

3. LifePro rhythm Best vibration machine for elderly

lifepro rhythm vibration plate machine

This device will provide a built-in repair to your body and also reducing muscle mass. This machine has a lot of benefits including the ability to regain muscle tone, reducing stress, increasing blood flow, reducing fats, and much more.

This device offers therapeutic vibrations which are beneficial for your muscles. Moreover, this product plays a vital role in recovering body strength. It generates the ability and power in your body to do more.

Many peoples who are facing chronic and acute pain problems. They should try this product because this product provides relief against these problems.

It not only provides relief of pain but also helps in healing old damage, and speed up recovery from recent injuries. For effective recovery, it activates muscle fibers throughout the body.

This unit also provides greater benefits. The long-term users of this product are enjoying flexibility in their limbs and ligaments. The interesting thing about this product is that it comes with a built-in handle. These handles are ideal to maintain balance and monitor your heart as you improve.

This body vibrator provides Real, LIVE support, and access to online videos to provide you instruction throughout your workout. Moreover, this machine increases muscle strength, bone density, decreasing stress, and balance.

The interesting feature of this unit that you may like is that it offers 99 adjustable platform speeds. Best vibration machine for elderly.

You can adjust speed according to your desire and can take a gentle recovery to a powerful workout. It has a bright display that is easy to control. Anti-slip rubber on the vibrating plate provides a strong grip. This product is available with a lifetime warranty for users satisfaction.


  • Easy to operate
  • Full body wellness
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not easy to assemble

4. Best Choice Products vibration plate machine

vibrating exercise machine

The best choice product comes with a digital control panel. Comes with 10 available pre-set modes that are viewable on an LCD screen and you can adjust the speed between 99 speeds.

This whole-body vibration machine does not lose too much weight but it will firm muscles and strengthen your bones.

Comes with suction pads and a handle grip. To reduce the impact on the floor this product offers suction pads that are connected at the bottom of this device.

For your safety, this product is also designed in such a way that reducing slippage. It is a portable device with a small built-in handle.

Besides its low-impact oscillation, this product has also high-intensity vibrations that are gentle on joints. This product will provide a lot of benefits to your health such as it promotes blood circulation, removing muscle mass, reduces blood pressure problems, and many more. vibrating exercise machine

It is easy to use, even you can manually control it, by using the remote control you can adjust the timer, and speed settings. This product passed the quality tests and BCP’s final stamp of approval. 

This vibration machine also comes with helpful tools including kettlebells, treadmills, and gym mats. This device uses a removable resistance band, that will provide perfect exercises to your workout. This device is very useful in reducing fats from your body. The overall dimension of this product is 25″ x 13.75″ x 5″ and weight of 330 lbs. The display of this machine is very clear and user-friendly. This device is transportable and maneuverable, with its wheels.


  • Comes with 10 pre-set workout modes
  • Digital control panel
  • Comes with remote control


  • Reistance bands aren’t the most durable

5. TODO Best whole body vibration machine

best whole body vibration machine

TODO whole-body training machine is a good choice for you to warm up before exercise. This vibration machine has a lot of benefits as the other vibrating devices have.

This product will not only relax your muscle but also reducing muscles mass and tone muscles.

The best thing about this model is that it offers multiple positions you can stand, sit, or lay down on the vibration plate.

This product will train different areas of your body. It provides you effective exercise, body fitness massage and burns some extra calories. It will provide you a great comfort no matter if you are at home or at the office you can do exercise on this machine.

This vibration machine is very simple to use. You can easily control this device by auto mode and manual mode. It offers 99 adjustable vibration speed levels you can adjust according to your need. This device has also a loop band for leg exercises that increases legs strength and muscles.

Moreover, this product has a built-in Bluetooth & USB connection. You can listen to your favorite music while running, jogging and, walking on this device. Best whole body vibration machine. Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines.

This vibrating machine comes with a large control panel and LCD display. This control panel will help you in adjusting and tracking your exercises.

You can see the distance, time, and speed during a workout. This product has the ability to lift a maximum weight of about 330lbs. Comes with a handle for easy transportation of this device.


  • Handles are well designed and provide firmer grip
  • LCD Screen Monitor & Remote control
  • Bluetooth and USB interface


  • Lacks clear instructions

6. IDEER LIFE Best vibration machine for weight loss

best vibration machine for weight loss

IDEER LIFE vibrating machine has a large platform and effective burning fat. Its non-slip textured platform secures your feet and provides high comfort.

This device can reduce fat, helps in building muscles, weight loss, and reduction of stress.

This device is ideal for improving your health and there is no need to do hard work on your body. Its built-in powerful vibrating motor enables it to make high-frequency vibrations.

This high vibration technology creates flexibility in your muscles and limbs. You can use this device while you are working at the office or at home.

Comes with 99 adjustable speed levels and also it has 10 auto-operating program modes. It produces super-quiet vibrations that can relax you and improve work efficiency.

Comes with an upgraded multi-function LED screen that displays time and speed. This device has durable resistant bands to provide you an extra arm exercise.

You can also use this resistance band to exercise your chest, waist, back, shoulder, and upper body. Moreover, this device is easy to maneuverable and by its portable remote you can also easily adjust the speed levels.  Best vibration machine for weight loss.

The interesting feature of this product is that it has foot shiatsu massage points on the platform which offers great comfort and prevents slippage. This device also has a magnetism therapy function.

This mechanism offers a deep tissue massage, pain relief, and increased circulation. This device is constructed with a superior quality new ABS material and pure rubber which provides a durable structure.

These high-quality materials make this vibration plate smell-free and non-toxic.


  • Ultra large and non-slip textured platform
  • Comes with an LED display with 2 resistance bands
  • Unique massage design


  • Not compact

7. ZELUS 3D fitness vibration platform machine

best vibration machine for elderly

ZELUS 3D vibration machine comes with dual 200W motors. This whole-body vibration device is powerful and offers reliable exercises.

This WBV machine is available with three vibration modes horizontal, up-down, and left-right.

This machine will effectively vibrate your body and offers ultra-quiet operation. There are many benefits of this machine such as improvement in stamina, enhanced bone density, and many more.

Comes with an LED screen that displays time and speed, you can also adjust workout intensity. The users can easily control time, speed adjustment, and turn on/off the machine by using the remote control.

Also, this unit comes with a remote control that allows users to adjust the time, speed, and many more functions.

Comes with a slippage-free vibration plate which provides great stability. The vibrating plates and handles are also rubber wrapped, the impact on the floor is reduced by these features. Moreover, it is an easy to handle, maneuverable, and portable WBV machine.

Like other vibration machines, this device has a 120-level adjustable speed. You can adjust speed levels according to different vibration intensities. For different arms and upper body exercises, this device offers two resistance bands.

The vibrating plate and whole machine are constructed with high-quality material such as high-quality ABS material used in vibration plates.

This machine has the capacity to tolerate a maximum weight of  330 lb. Moreover, it also comes with a 3D oscillating technology which increases its efficiency.


  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Durable and compact platform
  • Easy to operate


  • Some users complain that it has cheap remote controller

8. FITPULSE classic vibration plate exercise machine

fitpulse classic vibration plate exercise machine

FITPULSE balanced, flexible, and efficient vibrating machine. Comes with a durable vibration plate. This device perfectly stimulates muscles by using this durable vibrating plate. This machine comes with a floor safety feature, the impact on the floor is very small.

This model is designed to burn fats and cellulite. You can improve your muscles and reduce muscle mass in very little time with this device.

This vibration machine comes with 3-speed levels and 10 pre-programmed modes. The interesting thing is that its adjustable speeds and modes provide perfect results to workouts.

It has suction rubber legs that play a vital role in reducing the impact on your floor. These suction legs fixed the platform at one point to make your body stable during a workout. Its remote control will make it easier to use.

This model also comes in a user-friendly design and with bonus resistance bands. These free resistance bands provide a perfect gym at-home.

Comes with all accessories including push-up bars, foot massage pads, etc. Moreover, this model also comes with a max weight capacity of 330 lbs/149 KGS.

This product also comes with a lot of benefits such as it improves lymph circulation, removes toxins, regenerates tissues and boosts metabolism. Best speed on the vibration plate for weight loss.


  • It minimize the fats from your body
  • It has 10 pre-programmed modes
  • User friendly design


  • Loud and annoying motor

Buying Guide (Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines)

Before buying a whole-body vibration machine makes sure that the product you are going to purchase suits your needs.

Different vibrating machines have different features, we will discuss some important features that you should follow while purchasing a whole-body vibration machine.

Vibration Type

There are two types of platforms are available in the market; oscillating and Tri-planer platforms.

Oscillating machines will vibrate like a sea-saw while in the tri-planar machine the vibration plate will vibrate rise up and down in a continuous motion.

We recommend a tri-planer machine to users because it offers a high speed of vibration.

Vibration Intensity

Before buying WBV make sure that its vibration intensity is according to your need. The higher will be vibration intensity when the number of oscillations per second.

The intensity is measured in Hertz (Hz) and the average units come with an intensity range of 15 to 60Hz. Some units also come with adjustable intensity levels, you can set the intensity levels according to your desire.

Pre-Set Programs

Most of the products come with pre-set training programs. Pre-set training programs help the users to train the different parts of the body.

According to your desire, you can adjust the training program. WBV devices come with instructions that enable you how to adjust these training programs.

Noise-Free Operation

Make sure that your product is noise-free, if you are at a place where noise is disturbing people around you then you have to buy the noise-free unit.


How long should we use the vibration plate?

Mostly peoples use WBV for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. The experts recommend that use it 2 to 3 times a week regularly.

Before using the WBV machine ensure that the instructions with that device are clear to you.

Some WBV plates have a faster speed of vibrations so it is better that use a WBV machine according to instructions or expert advice.


Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines. This post is helpful for you, know you will be able to buy the best WBV machine.

The best vibrating machine will give the best results, after a lot of research we conclude that the Hurtle fitness vibration platform workout machine and Bluefin fitness vibration platform are our best products.

Both of these contain all the important features that you required in the best whole-body vibration machine.

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