Slide Scanner Reviews Consumer Reports

Slide Scanner Reviews Consumer Reports. For those who have not yet converted their old film pictures and slides to digital formats, a slide scanner is an absolute must-have item.

This type of gadget aids in the preservation of your memories now rather than waiting for them to deteriorate over time.

There’ll be no need for messy physical photo albums once you have scanned copies in an easily accessible format such as JPGs (or PNGs).

Because all of these can be kept in a single account resulting in less clutter at home.

And more chances to display different aspects about yourself via photographs shared online on social networking sites like Facebook profile picture cover pictures/album covers etcetera.

Several laser scanners include an HDMI connection, allowing you to view the photographs as they’re being scanned.

You may also display a slideshow of saved images on screen while scanning them! slide scanners are a fantastic choice for people who require high-resolution digital photos. Here’s a list of some suggested models.

6 Slide Scanner Reviews Consumer Reports

1. KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner 

slide scanner reviews consumer reports

The Kodak Scanza Digital Film & Slide Scanner is a 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8, and 8mm negative and slide scanner that converts your old negatives and slides to JPEG format.

It’s simple to use: just drop a negative or slide into the Scanza Film Holder, press the scan button, and you’re done.

Beautiful digital pictures are automatically cropped, rotated, and corrected color using the included software.

3.5″ TFT LCD High Definition Built-in Color Display with Adjustable brightness & Convenient Tilt for Easy Operation & Image Viewing.

For EveryTHING, An Adapter Is Included w/Multiple Film Inserts & Adapters For Fast, Flexible Operation Large One-Touch Buttons Allow for One-Step Scan & Save.

This film scanner can also scan medium format film (6cm x 6cm) that has been reduced to 35mm frames.

You may use the software that comes with it to quickly arrange your pictures into albums or produce slide shows with music.

It works with both Mac and PC computers and is supplied with a USB power cable, HDMI cable, AC adapter, video cable, and cleaning brush for FREE.

Kodak Scanza is a digital film and slide scanner that lets you turn your old photographs into beautiful prints or share them with family and friends.

It’s simple to operate, and it comes with a built-in 14MP camera for capturing images from 35mm film strips, 126/110 format slides, Super 8 movie film, 16mm film strip, and more.

2. Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE, 35mm Film 

plustek opticfilm 8200i se

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE is a 35mm film scanner that’s ideal for scanning photographs in high resolution.

It includes an infrared channel that may detect dust and scratches on the surface of the original negatives and slides, allowing you to remove flaws without retouching the photos.

With its 7200 x 7200 dpi (69 Megapixels) resolution, you can capture 35mm negative film and mounted slides for stunning picture quality with lots of detail.

The color conversion is smooth at 48 bits per channel.

The with its up to 3.6 dynamic range, captures more information in highlights and shadows than previous scanners.

You may now use the new Multi-Exposure option to capture even more detail in your scans by scanning multiple times with different exposure settings.

When scanning black-and-white negatives, for example, you can scan multiple times using different exposure settings.

The Plustek is a high-performance 35mm slide and negative scanner that may scan slides and negatives at up to 7200 dpi.

There’s no need to select the proper set every time you scan since the scanner has the ability to automatically identify film type.

SilverFast Ai Studio 8 software comes with all of the necessary tools for image processing, color correction, and restoration.

3. Plustek OpticFilm 8100-35mm Negative Film

plustek opticfilm 8100 35mm

Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Film/Slide Scanner is a 35mm negative film and slide scanner with extremely high resolution of up to 7200 dpi, 69 MP resolution, and equally full-frame DSLR 69 Megapixel Image Files.

For over 20 years, Plustek has been recognized as a leader in the realm of digital imaging technology.

The new OpticFilm 8100 is a 65 mm negative film and slide scanner with superior image quality than previously available negatives.

The Plustek OpticFilm comes with the Plustek QuickScan program, which allows you to scan images and papers in a matter of seconds.

This bundle also includes SilverFast SE Plus 8, an image-processing software that lets you make color modifications and remove dust from your scanned photos.

Users can also add text to their scanned pictures using this software.

It can recognize 35mm negatives and slides in both color and black-and-white. It scans medium format film with images up to 6×9 cm in size as well.

The scanner offers an auto mode that lets you pick from a variety of presets for various sorts of photos, or customize the settings yourself using the sophisticated settings menu.

The Plustek slide scanner features a dust removal facility to keep your scans clean.

You may connect this Plustek scanner to a laptop or desktop computer with the included USB cable, or you can simply plug it into a power outlet.

It includes an adjustable rear lamp that may be raised and lowered at will for greater visibility while scanning.

4. Wolverine F2D Saturn Digital Film & Slide Scanner
wolverine f2d saturn digital

It converts your priceless memories into digital files quickly and easily. For an incredible scan every time, the F2D has a high resolution of up to 4800 dpi.

It’s also compatible with all sorts of film and slides, including medium format.

The new Slide Scanner is a device that can instantly turn your old negatives and slides into digital pictures.

This is a game-changing invention that lets you store all of your photographs for future generations.

The Wolverine F2D scans film 6 times faster than other scanners on the market. It’s also extremely quiet, according to users who’ve tried it.

The Wolverine F2D is a high-resolution film scanner that works with your digital SLR camera.

It can scan medium format slides and negatives as well as 35mm film strips. The F2D makes it simple to digitize your photo collection at home or on the go, with its built-in color display that allows you to preview your images before scanning them.

If necessary, you may also adjust the brightness levels of each image before scanning, making it easier than ever to capture every detail.

5. KODAK Slide N SCAN Film and Slide Scanner

kodak slide n scan film and slide The Slide N SCAN from Kodak is a Film and Slide Scanner with a Large 5″ LCD Screen that can convert color and black-and-white negatives up to 4×5″.

The Kodak ScanMate i1400slide scanner allows you to convert color and black-and-white negatives up to 4×5 inches.

You can also scan 35mm slides or film strips of up to 6 frames in length using the Slide N SCAN. One of the included programs may be used to enhance your photos.

With this scanner, you can scan your old photographs from 35mm film easily.

It also includes automated focus, exposure, and white balance for superior image quality every time.

simply connect the scanner to your computer via USB and begin transferring your pictures. It’s the ideal method to bring your cherished slides, negatives, and photos into the digital world.

The KODAK slide scanner is the simplest method to convert color pictures to digital files.

Simply load your photos into the scanner, push the button, and you can share your experiences with friends and family on virtually any platform.

It also includes powerful capture software that improves, resizes, and converts images using a simple “Scan” button. There are no difficult screens or preferences. You have several options to choose from.

6. Rybozen Mobile Film and Slide Scanner

rybozen mobile film and slide

The Rybozen is a portable scanner that can scan 35mm film to digital files on your computer.

It’s small, light, and flexible enough to fold up into the form of a little box for storage and travel.

35mm Slides and Film Negatives are supported. There are no more difficult procedures or expensive fees.

This is a useful invention that allows you to easily convert your 35mm film into digital format on your computer without requiring any special skill or pricey equipment.

It’s a scanner and projector in one device. Simply slide or negatives into the tray, turn on the Built-In LED backlight, place your smartphone’s lens over the hole, and then snap away.

The resolution of photos taken will be limited to the camera on your phone. Rybozen is user-friendly, with simple controls for capturing, cropping, rotating, and filtering; adjusting hue and contrast, and sharing on social media sites such as Facebook.

Slide Scanner Reviews Consumer Reports. Rybozen works with iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3rd generation or later, and iPod Touch 5th generation or later. Android version is currently in development.

The portable scanner is highly versatile. It’s small in size, so it takes up little room when not in use. It’s easy to fold this scanner into the size of a small box, so you can store it readily and take it with you everywhere you go.

ABS Plastic; Lightweight ABS Plastic; Folding design makes storage or transport easier.

You may save space or include them in your bag easily because of its tiny form factor (4″ X 6″). And this scanner is built to last, using durable materials that guarantee its longevity.



How do the scanned images look if I print them later?

The greatest approach to ensure that your printed images look fantastic is to scan at the highest resolution feasible with the scanner. When it comes time to print, the size of a picture will have an impact on its quality.

How difficult is it to use a scanner?

There are numerous approaches to make a slide or film negative, but it’s simple as long as the negatives aren’t dusty. You’ll have a higher rate of success if you practice more often.

What should I look for in a slide scanner?

Owners of a home office need to make sure they have the right equipment for efficient work. Some options include scanners, which should be able to process negatives or slides in one second and offers attractive resolution with image scanning time.


Slide Scanner Reviews Consumer Reports. We hope that after reading this post, you will understand the value of a slide scanner. This device aids in the preservation of memories and provides quick access to all digital copies of photographs saved on JPG or PNG formats, such as they are.

Instead of having to worry about messy physical photo albums, you’ll no longer have to when everything is kept in one account, resulting in less clutter at home and more opportunities for individuals to see different sides of themselves through photos shared online on social networking sites like Facebook.

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