Best Intake Manifold For Tbi 350

Best Intake Manifold For Tbi 350. The intake manifold is the component of an engine that delivers fuel and air to each cylinder.

The goal of this design is to ensure that all cylinders receive enough pressurized gas, allowing your automobile’s pistons to come close to their valves without leaking out any wasted energy due to leaks.

V-shaped (in terms of cross-section), as well as flathead manifolds, are available today, but they are mostly made from cast aluminum alloys nowadays, while older ones were constructed using iron when new technology arrived along.

Unless you use this manifold setup, each engine cylinder will be filled with an uncontrolled fuel and air mixture. Unless your automobile or truck has a computer-controlled carburetor fuel injection system.

It will not function properly. This was the major reason why businesses began developing these magnificent devices for this purpose. Here we listed the best 6 products.

 6 Best Intake Manifold For Tbi 350

1. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold

best intake manifold for tbi 350

The Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold is made for square-bore carburetors and provides exceptional performance.

When used with the Edelbrock Performer Series or Thunder Series AVS carburetors, horsepower increases from idle to 5, 500 RPM.

Dyno results show that over their own performer manifolds, the power increases by 5 horsepower (9 foot/pounds) and torque across the whole RPM range.

This manifold is intended for use with both 4 and 2 barrel carburetors on any small block Chevy engine.

The intake manifold is cast aluminum and makes an excellent choice for street performance.

The 4-bolt, square bore flange can handle high RPM applications, making this manifold ideal for racing applications.

To install your factory GM or aftermarket throttle linkage, the throttle link connection holes are drilled into the intake manifold.

With consumers seeking methods to boost the horsepower of their automobile engines without sacrificing drivability, the Performer Series Intake Manifolds have grown in popularity over the last several decades.

It may appear straightforward on paper, but there are a few things to consider before making a selection.

2. Professional Products 52021 Satin Typhoon 

professional products 52021

The Professional Products 52021 Satin Typhoon Intake Manifold is a dual-plane intake manifold that features 4-corner water ports, nitrous bosses, and dual distributor hold-downs.

It has an open plenum for maximum horsepower potential. This 600 cfm intake manifold comes with the necessary hardware to bolt it up to your vehicle’s engine block.

The Professional Products 52021 Satin Typhoon Intake Manifold is designed for non-pollution-controlled street machines, bracket racing, nitrous, or supercharged applications.

It has a maximum power output of 250 horsepower. (This manifold will not work with a mechanical fuel pump).

This intake manifold is designed for non-pollution-controlled street machines, bracket racing, nitrous, or supercharged applications. It has a maximum power output of 250 horsepower.

This manifold will not work with a mechanical fuel pump. This is a precision machined, hand-welded aluminum component that is as strong as the original intake manifold that came with your automobile.

It comes complete with all of the necessary hardware to mount it to your car’s engine block (except carburetor studs). Covered by a 12-month limited warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Speedmaster 1-147-004 LowRise Intake Manifold

speedmaster 1 147 004

The LowRise intake manifold from Speedmaster is made to fit small chassis with engine transplants.

If you need square-bore carbs for your application, it comes with an adapter plate that allows you to use square-bore carbs.

It will include a spacer kit if you have a spread-bore carb so that the carb can sit lower in the intake manifold.

The LowRise intake manifold is also street legal on vehicles equipped with pollution controls as long as they are using one of our permitted square-bore carbs.

This low-profile design enables you to install headers without creating interference problems with the cross member or steering linkage.

The manifold is made of aluminum and comes in a natural finish or can be colored to match your engine components for an extra fee.

The LowRise manifold may also be fitted with a water crossover port that is plumbed with a 1/2″ copper or aluminum tube to direct coolant from the block across the intake manifold runners.

This manifold needs coil mounting bosses already molded into the block for it to function in your vehicle.

We have our own basic mounting boss plates available if they aren’t included in your kit, which you may bolt in a set of L69 style GM coils and keep their functionality.

The LowRise intake manifold can handle up to 350 horsepower (260 kW). It comes with the adaptor plate and spacers, which may be used with square bore carbs or a spread bore adaptor.

4. Weiand 8121 Street Warrior Intake

weiand 8121 street warrior

The Weiand Street Warrior Intake Manifold is an excellent upgrade for your street rod or muscle vehicle.

The twin-plane design improves manifold efficiency while also producing maximum horsepower and torque.

It features a crossover passage that improves drivability, especially at the lower RPM range.

This intake manifold has machined port outlets to guarantee uniform fuel delivery. Polished aluminum finish and natural aluminum finish are available .

The raw aluminum finish has a rough appearance, while the polished aluminum finish is shiny.

The Street Warrior Intake Manifold is designed for use with stock cylinder heads or aftermarket cylinder heads that have the correct intake port dimensions. It comes with all of the necessary hardware to install on your car.

The Streetwarrior manifold has a more efficient design that improves horsepower and torque, as well as the distribution of fuel to each cylinder.

The polished version has a mirror finish, while the raw aluminum has a rough surface.

5. Edelbrock 2114 Performer Intake Manifold

edelbrock 2114 performer

The Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold is a low-profile dual-plane intake manifold with a 180 firing order and a unique runner design that delivers exceptional performance.

This innovative design improves torque throughout a wide RPM range, especially off-idle through 5,500 RPM.

It provides excellent throttle response above stock intakes. Rudders can make use of the extra flow available with the Vortec head design because it includes elasticity for external water bypass.

No. valve covers are required on most installations using original valve covers; check spacing requirements before ordering. When used with factory valve covers, most applications require spacers.

Verify minimum spacer heights before purchasing. It accepts late-model water neck, alternator, and A/C connections. It fits 1955-87 V8 283/327/350 engines with 1 3/4” or 2” carburetors, as well as factory mechanical links from the distributor.

6. Aluminum Intake Manifold High Rise

aluminum intake manifold

The Aluminum High-Rise Dual-Plane Intake Manifold is a great upgrade for your stock cast-iron intake manifold.

It accepts late-model water necks, air conditioning, alternators, and HEI brackets.

For use with nitrous or fuel injection, cast-in bosses on intake runners can be drilled and tapped. Maximum power is possible thanks to the ideal port position, which allows for custom tuning.

There are provisions for twin distributor hold downs to ensure maximum protection from distributor rotation. No provision has been made for an exhaust-heated choke.

Best Intake Manifold For Tbi 350 the Airflow Research Six-Pak Intake Manifold is one of the nicest performance intake manifolds ever produced.

A large, strong six-pack style top with individual runners that all enter into a single throttle bore is used. The six-pack intake manifold is ideal for Class 10 racing or anybody wanting 450 cfm at cruising speeds. Dowel pins designed to last a long time are included.


1. How much HP can you gain from an intake manifold?

Depending on the type, location, car brand, model, and engine size, an average CAI system can provide 5 to 15 horsepower boost to your engine.

2. Does a better intake manifold add horsepower?

A larger, more powerful intake manifold with longer, taller, and or longer runners allows the engine to ingest additional air and fuel for increased torque and horsepower. The physical burdens on the pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, and block rise as the power potential of any engine improves.


Best Intake Manifold For Tbi 350. It is important to note that the intake manifold design has changed over time. Early manifolds were made out of cast iron, but these days they are mostly constructed with aluminum alloys which offer better performance and durability than their predecessors.

These improvements in technology have helped make today’s engines more efficient by using less fuel while achieving higher horsepower outputs for your vehicle.

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