Consumer Reports Best Fire Pits

Consumer Reports Best Fire Pits. The fire pit is a fantastic way to keep yourself warm and illuminated as the night draws on. It’s not only useful for entertaining, but it’s also excellent during the winter when you want an easy method to enjoy your garden even if it snows outside.

The comfiest and traditional fire pits on our list are the ones that stand out. They all produce the crackling sounds and smoky scents of a campfire, with wood-burning versions available for those who want to preserve their trees or chimney fumes that aren’t effective anymore (like me). We’ve also included gas fireplaces since going back inside for late-night munchies is so simple.

A backyard fire is an unforgettable experience that makes you feel as if all of life’s difficulties melt away with each log crackle before us until we fall asleep warm and cozy, dreaming up new activities for tomorrow morning (and every day after).

6 Consumer Reports Best Fire Pits

1. Pleasant Hearth OFW651R Colossal Fire Pit

consumer reports best fire pits

The Pleasant Hearth OFW651R Colossal Fire Pit is a fantastic way to spend some time outside.

The fire bowl is 36″ in diameter and 12″ deep, and it comes with a half BBQ grid. The built-in Circulair system gives more air circulation for bigger flames and constant fire.

Our largest fire pit, the Colossal, has a 36″ diameter and a 12.6″ deep fire bowl so you can create your ideal backyard bonfire.

The OFW651R is made of robust steel with an enamel finish that protects the paint from rusting. It includes a high-quality cover for easy storage when not in use and an adjustable spark screen to regulate the size of the flames.

The OFW651R is intended for open-air usage only and must be used on a level surface that will support its weight without sinking into the ground.

The Pleasant Hearth OFW651R Colossal Fire Pit is a fantastic way to spend time in nature. It has a large fire basin that can contain up to 25 logs, allowing you to keep your fire going for longer.

The mesh lid aids in the reduction of sparks escaping from the fire pit, ensuring that no combustible items catch on fire nearby. This Pleasant Hearth fire pit also includes drainage holes and sturdy steel construction for longevity.

2. Mueller SmartFlame 36-Inch Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

mueller smartflame 36 inch portable outdoor fire pit

Take this easy-to-assemble fire pit on the road with you for someplace new to enjoy the flames. The round, deep-set design has enough of a capacity to offer all of the action.

This movable fire pit is meant for outdoor usage and comes with a spark screen and poker tool. An attractive stone finish is included, as well as a cover to keep the flames burning when not in use.

Mueller SmartFlame 36-Inch Portable Outdoor Fire Pit, Fire Pits for Outside, Heat Resistant Steel with Diamond Mesh Burner Cover, Black Finish

The Mueller SmartFlame portable outdoor fire pit is a lovely accent to any patio. Grates are included on the fire bowl base to raise logs and improve airflow.

The diamond-patterned steel mesh on the sides allows for superior ventilation while also providing a beautiful aesthetic effect.

The Mueller fire pit is ideal for any outdoor area. It’s simple to put together, and the outer ring that encircles the entire diameter of the fire pit acts as a safe barrier from the flames while also serving as a handy handle for transporting when not in use.

The garden fire pit includes lava rock, which is surrounded by sand so you can enjoy sparkling embers without fear of flying sparks or ashes.

3. BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit

bali outdoors wood burning fire pit

Please notice the brand logo on our unique wood-burning Consumer Reports Best Fire Pits. The grill swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to Swing it left or right.

An adjustable grill allows for easy height adjustment. Fixed by screws, adjustable grill adjusts up and down.

Keep your family toasty during the winter with a backyard fire. This portable outdoor fire pit, which sports a heavy-duty steel burner that burns wood for up to 6 hours on one 20lb bag of charcoal or wood chunks, has a 360-degree swiveling grill.

The Bali Outdoors round fire pit is an excellent addition to any patio or deck. The outer ledge surrounding the heart of the fire provides for easy access to drinks and roasting supplies.

It has a large cooking grill with an easy-lift-off lid that makes it simple to cook over the open flame while keeping food hot inside. When preparing meals outside on your patio or deck, the lid acts as both a work surface and a heat shield.

Hours of enjoyment are possible around this beautiful outdoor fire pit that comes in a black finish with decorative glass mosaic tiles surrounding the bowl of fire.

4. Pleasant Hearth Martin Fire Pit

pleasant hearth martin fire pit

The Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit is the ideal option for individuals looking to extend their outdoor living activities.

The extra-deep structure gives plenty of area for a roaring fire, and the mesh cover aids in the reduction of sparks escaping.

The built-in Circulair system offers more ventilation and a more constant flame. This 26-inch diameter wood-burning fire pit comes with a mesh spark screen and poker tool so you can use it right away as an attractive new outdoor centerpiece!

The Pleasant Hearth 26-inch Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit, which is available in both red and black, Includes a chrome-plated cooking grid that allows you to BBQ over the fire.

The poker securely lifts the spark guard and is used to manage the blaze. The Pleasant Hearth cover protects your fire pit from bad weather.

Steel is used in this product, with an extra-deep basin for larger fires. It also comes with a poker, spark screen, cooking grate, and log grate.

The Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit has a diameter of 26 inches. The cast iron construction makes the item sturdy and durable.

5. Fire Pit Set, Wood Burning Pit

fire pit set, wood burning pit

This Outdoor Fire Pit is a beautiful combination of natural elements and modern design with lovely whimsical celestial star and moon accents.

Create unforgettable memories with your family and friends by sitting around the fire. Roasting s’mores or an adult evening bonfire with the kids is a great way to spend some time together.

The fire pit will undoubtedly be a bright focal point on your patio or deck for many years to come.

Enjoy your tile-lined Fire Pit without worry. This fire pit is made of powder-coated steel to resist rust and is lightweight and weathertight for longer usage outside.

Steel leg construction, as well as the beautiful sturdy design, will provide long-term appeal and would make a lovely addition to your yard or patio.

The Wood Burning Fire Pit Set with Cover & Poker is an attractive method to enjoy the warmth of a fire on chilly nights while spending time with family, friends, or just relaxing alone.

The Pure Garden Fire Pit is a wonderful addition to your outdoor living area. This fire pit, which is made from sturdy steel and features a sturdy cooking grid and an easy-to-clean grill screen, is beautifully constructed.

6. Blue Sky Outdoor Living 24

blue sky outdoor living 24” steel peak patio
This fire pit is constructed of steel, which is prone to rusting in the presence of outdoor elements and fires.
With exposure to outside conditions and flames, this fire pit is built of steel that is vulnerable to rust.
The unique design of this fire pit generates heat in the burn chamber, which can reach more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Steel Peak Patio Smokeless Fire Pit is an excellent way to enjoy your patio or backyard while keeping it safe from smoke and sparks. 24” Steel Peak Patio Smokeless Fire Pit with Spark Screen in Black Powder-Coated Finish

This Blue Sky Outdoor Living 24″ Steel Peak Patio Smokeless Fire Pit with Spark Screen and Screen Lift is a fantastic addition to any backyard.

It has a sturdy structure, generates a lot of heat for a great bonfire, and includes a spark screen and screen lift. This item is made of black steel.

The Blue Sky Outdoor Living 24″ Steel Peak Patio Smokeless Fire Pit with Spark Screen is a fantastic addition to your backyard! The fire pit has a strong and robust design that will last you a long time.


What makes a good fire pit?

When you’re looking for the best fire bowl, make sure it has a durable material. Cast aluminum is less likely to rust or stain while copper will get dirty with time if not cleaned regularly so keep that in mind when picking something perfect! For heavier duty use cast iron may be what’s needed too

Does my fire pit need a ring?

The use of a fire pit ring will help you protect your investment and maintain structural integrity.
The long-term appearance is also preserved with this accessory, so keep that in mind before buying.

Can you put a fire pit on the grass?

A common misconception about fire pits is that they can be placed directly on top of grass. However, without proper precaution and precautions such as a mat or other material underneath the area.

Where you’re going to place it could cause major damage resulting in shorter life expectancy for your lawn since burns occur more easily when there isn’t anything protecting against them from getting hot enough surfaces as concrete does.

How to Start a Fire Pit Fire?


Consumer Reports Best Fire Pits. Now that you know the fundamentals of fire pits, it’s time to look at some additional choices. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of three fantastic consumer reports about the best fire pits. If you’re searching for something more traditional or rustic, our first pick with its big size and pleasant design is a great option.

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